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Scuba Diving Bonegi II, Honiara, Solomon Islands 2
Guadalcanal " Cascate" Tenaru
Primary School, Honiara, Solomon Islands
Honiara, Solomon Islands - aerial
Honiara, Solomon Islands
WWII Museum, Solomon Islands
Flying into Honiara
Shifting cultivation in Solomon Islands
Boneghi dusk before full moon
threatened tree on Town Ground, Honiara
moon rise over Panatina Ridge.JPG
Mboheni (Bonegi) beach Guadalcanal
white clouds over Savo Island from Ranadi
Honiara from Boneghi lunar eclipse 28 aug 07
Guadalcanal (Architecture)
Iron Bottom Sound sunset from Ranadi
Guadalcanal from Henderson Field
Small Mala heads east across Iron Bottom Sound.jpg
Small Mala on Iron Bottom Sound.jpg
self inflicted haze over Honiara
Mt. Austin - Japanese memorial at foreground
1203 looking to Visale from ridge
Panatina Center
boat on the beach
Maranata Hall, Burnscreek, Honiara
Refugees camp, Titige, west Honiara
12a Japanese mining company opposite Australian High Commission residence
48e GT Canteen owner
1020 eastward flowing riverlet at clearing
coastal ridges Honiara
ridge south of Henderson filed
north Guadalcanal looking west towards Honiara
Point Cruze
Tasahe ridge and White River
Village Hut, Solomon Islands
Honiara transport
CHINESE CUP on Solomon Islands National Day
Flying to Mbetilonga camp
Kitano Mendana Hotel, Honiara, Solomon Islands
Spiaggia delle Suorine
Pt Cruz, Honiara from the Office of the Leader of the Opposition
moon 2days 14hrs L1048 - Spica.jpg
Mendano Highway Honiara with full moon
Sabo Island from ranadi at dusk.jpg
a child runs and Savo Island from Bonegi

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