Eesti Riiklik Nukuteater

Lai 1, Tallinn
5 avis
+372 667 9500

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Сергей Голубков (05.11.2017 23:18)
Сам не пошел, и жалею. Жена и дочь 6 лет в восторге от посещения. Хотя я попил вкусный кофе в местном кафе.
Antti Nevantaus (29.10.2017 13:49)
Interesting place for a family visit in a nice location.
Ram Ram (02.06.2017 14:52)
Beautiful theatre. Artistic design.
Triin Männik (11.01.2017 15:23)
I love the colourful interior of the newly renovated Children's Theatre, plus the cafe makes it worthwhile stepping in with kids even if you have no theatre plans. Some of the shows, especially for toddlers, are also suitable for non-Estonian speakers. Or at least pop into the foyer to admire the interior!
A Google User (20.04.2011 22:41)
This place has grown from a puppet theatre to a place where musicals, festivals and other amazing shows take place as well. 2010 NUKU opened a museum of puppet arts. Museum is deffinetely a place to visit when you are in Tallinn with your family and kids. Lot's of ineractive features, amazing exhibitions, chamber of horrors and much more. Love it!

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