Atacama’s Desert and whale watching.

Moto Expediciones

This is the land that invites you to know this route. A journey where “shouts” the silence; where landscapes and places us mount up past; a place where we will live astronomy as did the first peoples who inhabited the area, a trip that will show us the splendid Mountains of salt . , and marvel with the Tatio Geysers, about 4. 200m. s. n. m. San Pedro de Atacama will be our focal point, the Atacama Salar on our return, well … a tour that harmoniously combines natural attractions with observation and sighting of blue whales, experimentation and local cuisine.

Moto Expeditions, aware of the intrinsic chilean landscapes has developed the circuit “Atacama Desert, the route of the sun and silence” for all those people who like to look at the cosmos outdoors, enjoy the dryness of the Desert, marvel with the dazzling Desert colors, wishing to know and share the altiplano culture interacting directly with indigenous peoples, and at the end of day have a relaxing bath and fluffy mattress.

Important milestones:

Astronomical Observatory
Whale watching
Atacama Desert
Valley of the moon
Geiser Tatio
Mountains of Salt
Atacama Salar
A tour on-road and off-road, which for just over 2, 570 km we will know the Atacama Desert and through the Great Atacama Salar. Luminosity and silence overwhelm us continually. A silence that “shouts” to the soul of every traveler.

An exciting experience. !!

Prix: 2020
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