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Your TOUR will commence at THE Jetty Visitor Centre and take you along to Christ Church Cathedral, where you will have an opportunity to take A look inside and see THE fabulous coloured glass windows and learn A little about THE History OF THE Church.

On departing THE Cathedral, you will continue along Ross Road, past THE Whalebone Arch. THE arch and THE plot OF land were presented "to THE Government by THE Falkland Islands Company Limited to commemorate THE centenary OF THE Colony as A British Possession 1833-1933".

It is on towards THE world famous Upland Goose Hotel. THE Upland Goose - originally known as THE Eagle Inn - has changed A great deal since it was built in 1856. THE 18 rooms have been extensively renovated and most rooms have en-suite facilities. Opposite THE Upland Goose Hotel is Victory Green. On Victory Green you can see THE mizzenmast from THE SS Great Britain. You will then pass St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church and continue up Barrack Street past THE Tabernacle, THE United Free Church.

You will then be taken to Nutt Cartmell Cottage on Pioneer Row. This refurbished property is one OF THE earliest residential buildings in Stanley. THE 1849 house was one OF 30 kits sent from Britain to house A detachment OF military "pensioners" who came to settle THE Islands. It has evolved over THE years in A typically Falklands way and this is reflected in THE refurbishment.

You will then head back to Ross Road to see THE 1982 War Memorial. This Liberation Monument is A tribute to THE 255 British troops who gave their lives in 1982. Your guide will explain to you why Britain and Argentina went to war in THE 20th Century to settle A decades-long dispute about ownership OF THE remote Falkland Islands.

Continuing west along THE water's edge, where you may see an abundance OF wildlife, you will pass Government House, where building work began in 1845, although it was 1859 before THE first Governor took up residence. THE centre portion OF Government House was THE original building, which has been added to over THE years.

Past Government House, you wil see THE First World War memorial - this commemorates THE Battle OF THE Falklands fought on December 8th 1914, and an annual parade is held to commemorate THE event.

Looking up THE harbour you will pass an impressive hulk built in 1849 - THE Jhelum was A British wooden barque which met her fate coming around Cape Horn. She was condemned in Stanley in 1870.

Your TOUR ends at THE Museum on Holdfast Road. Here you will have an opportunity to look around at A leisurely pace. THE Museum Staff will certainly welcome you and A visit to THE Falklands is not complete without A TOUR OF this fascinating Museum.

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